Solar Installation

  • Type : On Grid, Off Grid
  • Purpose : Residential,Commercial

Solar panels effectively produce electricity for a period of 25 years from the day of installation. Solar systems are made up of solar panels (modules), a mounting system, and a solar inverter with computerised controller. Solar panels produce DC electricity from sunlight.

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Panels :

1. Monocrystalline
2. Polycrystalline
3. Thin-Film

Features :

Government Rebates
Save on Power Bills
Faster Installation

On Grid :

These are quite cost-effective and easy to install. A good source of long-term investment and energy-efficient too. Unlike most of the other kinds of solar systems, the on-grid solar panel provided by us is commonly used in various commercial and industrial households and areas. You don’t require any kind of batteries for this. Now it is important to note down the fact that on-grid solar panels are getting popular every day. Being cost-effective, their grid-tie system is very cheap. Also, it does not require any batteries so, you won’t need to spend a huge amount on batteries. Since you don’t gain power bills, these help in reducing your electricity bills, thereby making sure that it is a long-term investment. Another major aspect of choosing this solar panel is reliability. In this system, you collect some solar radiation and get it saved on the main entity, the grid. So, it will help in providing the required power that you need. So, it will continue to produce power and you can use it until you need it. Also, this on-grid solar panel is not one of the harmonious, noxious, and pollution-emitting solar panels. They use a clean and renewable source of power that created carbon-free panels which won’t affect the humans and environment.

Off Grid :

Avoid all kinds of power outrages with off-grid battery-run solar panels. They reduce your electricity cost and are easy to install. If you are looking for an independent and less work-involved solar panel, then the off-grid solar panel battery is a perfect choice. With this solar panel, you won’t be subjected to various policies and terms of the utility firm. Even better you won’t need to pay heavy electricity bills. Also, off-grid batteries are great monthly savers. Of course, they have an initial cost, but they end up providing a huge amount of renewable energy in the long run. Here the amount of money you may save will vary and it is based on where you are living. Another major advantage of going with off-grid batteries is that they won’t provide any blackouts. Unlike when your neighborhood won’t have power, you would still have power in your house.

Panels Used :

bgen_solar_panels_used_1        bgen_solar_panels_used_2        bgen_solar_panels_used_3

Inverter Used :

bgen_solar_inverter_used_1    bgen_solar_inverter_used_2        bgen_solar_inverter_used_3

Lightning Arrester Used :


Meter Used :


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