We are a group of youngsters, doing our best to help eliminate middlemen and increase the relationship between producers and customers. Our goal is to help producers make maximum profit and reduce the cost of setting up a physical store. We truly believe that modern problems require modern solutions. So we are constantly training ourselves and constantly learning to keep ourselves updated about new e-commerce trends and share the insights with producers wishing to increase sales through the world of internet.


Our Products & Associations


We help you find and compare the best villas,flats and apartments in Palakkad that match your requirement for a perfect home.

The most exciting experiences of one’s life are buying or selling a home. When looking at a home to buy or sell, you need to know exactly what you are getting into. We can help you to make the right decision with a trusted support system.


A minimal store for the latest trending comfortable sports wears to the energised men and ensuring complete satisfaction of customers.

DRynek was established in 2020. We Believe in quality and innovation and constantly pursue innovation and brand construction with supreme quality. Our reliable performance has earned trust and satisfaction from its nationwide distribution network.


Solar panels convert sunlight to DC current and save huge amount of energy and electricity charges, there by going green and reducing the carbon usage.

Solar panels effectively produce electricity for a period of 25 years from the day of installation. Solar systems are made up of solar panels (modules), a mounting system, and a solar inverter with computerised controller. Solar panels produce DC electricity from sunlight.


We provide business consulting, technology services and digital solutions. We streamline and make clarity process in your business.

At SmartEnough Solutions, we provide the best business consulting services that bring out something new to your business. Our experienced professionals, analyze your business, and create solutions to help you to meet your business goals.

Amazon Easy Store

The Amazon Easy stores mainly assure store offers such as additional cashbacks other than your Amazon cashback.

Amazon has upgraded the ‘Amazon Easy' store format in India to offer a touch and feel product experience through physical showcasing of products listed on the e-commerce site.

Flipkart BuyZone

Flipkart Authorized BuyZone is your comfort store for the online purchase of digital products & services under the assistance of store experts.

Flipkart BuyZone will hold your hand through the entire shopping process and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes while ordering on Flipkart. Our store experts ensure shoppers get comfortable with shopping on Flipkart.

Coming Soon !

We are almost ready to go live ! Be one of the first to experience our new associate ! Stay tuned for something awesome !

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